Are there tests to see if you have any psychic abilities?

Metti Asked: Are there tests to see if you have any psychic abilities?

i think i have what people call a sixth sense.but it's not like i can do it at will or read your palm or anything like's more like i can see what things lead up to?not the future, just what things lead up to or are if that makes sense.


pamela k Answered:
You can try the online zener card test. But I sometimes wonder if some of the tests are not rigged because on the one site I got a very high score for the test and on the other site a very low one. It just seemed fishy to me.

Seth Answered:
Sounds more like you have a good ability of deduction.

Kilmir Answered:
Silvia Browne is a fraud. I'm sorry you wasted cash on her 🙁

Enough of us have died already end the wars Answered:

Madison Answered:
There are no genuine psychics.No one has any ability to tell you anything about your future.Please visit and for information about scams like this.

Graybeard Answered:
She is a fraud. She was actually convicted of investment fraud and grand theft in California in the 90s. She told her victims her and her husband were part of a gold-mining venture and needed investments. Turns out, they were funneling the money into their psychic research facility. She also once told a couple on Montel WIlliams their missing son was dead….despite the fact he turned up alive before the show was taped. Proof that Browne is nothing but a con artist

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