Yugioh deck list, pls rate/recommend. non-serious deck?

ALPHA vs CIVY Asked: Yugioh deck list, pls rate/recommend. non-serious deck?

OK so this deck won a game against hieratic then beat a treeborn/monarch deck but lost2/1 vs a psychic deck and I was wondering why. Cos I know it shouldnt have won and I cant figure out what it has that keeps destroying meta decks (in real life not online). So basically here it is (dont laugh too hard):
1 x Pendulum Machine
1 x Gravekeepers servant
1x stealth bird
1 x guardian sphinx
1 x Slot MAchine
1x gene-warped warwolf
1x treeborn frog
1 x goblin attack force
1 x ryo kokki
1 x neo bug
1 x overdrive
1 x dark red enchanter
1 x mezuki
1 x plague wolf
1 x regenerating mummy
2 x swarm of scarabs
1 x swarm of locusts
2 x hyper hammerhead
1 x steel orge grotto#2
1 x Theban nightmare

1 x Reasoning
2x call of the mummy
1 x malevolent nuzzler
1 x lucky iron axe
1 x lightning vortex
1 x fissure
1 x double summon
1 x back to square one

1x metal morph
1 x magic drain
2 x reckless greed
2 x magic cylinder
1 x guard mines
1 x sakuretsu armor
3 x trap hole
1 x kunai with chain


Carlos Answered:
JK put Pyramid Turtle because it'll help summon your zombie monsters, put mirror force, bottomless traphole, dimensional prison
Still I don't get your strategys to win
Michael Answered:
9 no legendarys but for non legendary perfect

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