Yu-Gi-Oh! Binder Update (7/3/12) Tourguide, Duality, Solemn Warning!

1. Send me PMs for trade offers. 2. I will not send first. 3. If you do not send after 30 days I will put you on the bad trader list. 4. I am not responsible if the cards get LOST or DAMAGED in the mail. (I will check them before I send, that way I know their condition) 5. I only send EVERYWHERE except Italy. (Italy confiscates yugioh cards sent through the mail) 6. I value my cards by eBay prices unless I say otherwise. (If you ask me on value you will be ignored.) 7. I am not responsible if you fail to read the rules before the trade. Wants: ———- Ultimate Axon Kicker 1 Serene Psychic Which 2 Silent Psychic Wizard 3 Hushed Psychic Cleric 2 Psi-Beast 3 Emergency Teleport 2 (Ultimate) Miracle Synchro Fusion 2 Psychic Feel Zone 3 Magical Android 1 Psychic Nightmare 2 Thought Ruler Archfiend 1 Overmind Archfiend 3 (Ultimate) Low Wants: —————– Kagemusha of the Six Samurai 2 Asceticism of the Six Samurai 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Heavy Storm 1 Any Staples or Trade Bait x999