Your experience with a Psychic?

Lindsay Asked: Your experience with a Psychic?

Hi guys!

I generally don't believe in anything of this sort (seriously), but I'm a little freaked out by what I just witnessed! When my parents divorced sixteen years ago, my mom was pressured by a coworker to visit this "psychic" about two hours away from where I live. (Side note: my entire family really doesn't believe in this type of thing.)

Anyways, my mom paid to have the recording video taped, and it it's so creepy! So much of it came true! Very specific things, too.

In the beginning, the woman starts off by saying that my mom has "three children, all girls. One of them is much younger than the other two." (My sisters are 14 and 17 years older.)

Following, she says "The next man you meet will share a future with you. He will be from another country, and English will not be his first language." (She met my step-dad one month later- they've been together ever since. He was born in Greece, and moved here when he was 6.) She continued to say that he will have emotional "baggage," but "not from a former relationship." (He was a recovering gambling addict.)

She later went on about how her "middle child" would be getting a driver's license soon. This didn't make sense at the time, as both my sisters had their full licenses already. Two weeks later, my EMT sister was licensed to drive an ambulance.

She also predicted that her youngest child (me), would be wealthier than my siblings by the time I was twenty. This made no sense at all. I inherited a large amount of money when I was 18, after my biological father passed away suddenly.

I guess those are coincidences, but it was so weird to watch the video! I still think psychics are a total scam, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had a weirdly accurate psychic reading!

Be nice in your responses! I'm just looking for some stories! 🙂


Fireball Answered:
they send emails and want $$…they dont get it

Mohamet Goldstein Answered:
She probably had a thousand readings – all except yours was wrong. Thats why you posted here and the wrong ones never post.

Qil Answered:
The only phonies are the ones that want your money, many legitimate ones exist. Most people dismiss this fact because they are basing their idea of a psychic off of a stereotype. Also, most people aren't aware of what an actual psychic does.

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