Would this make a good story plot?

Asked: Would this make a good story plot?

Hi 🙂 i just thought of a story idea but i want to know what other people think about it.

it's about a 14 year old homeless girl who has psychic visions. One day, she is chased by the law and in order to escape from it, hides in the sleepy town of Rustborrow. While there, her visions grow worse and more gruesome and slowly develop into a nightmare only she can stop.

the title of the story is called Reality. its sort of a horror/suspence story
would love some feedback 😀


A Innkeeper Answered:
Al Puglisi Answered:
Ghostwriter Answered:
You don't need anyone's permission to write about anything you want.Concentrate on making a good story out of it.That's the trick.
May J Answered:
if thats your idea than keep it going , why would u ask that?
Kate Answered:
I think it sounds quite interesting, myself.Don't be so down on your work/ideas. anything can turn into a good story if you work hard, don't give up, and believe in your ideas.

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