Would a psychic or tarot reader know this?

Asked: Would a psychic or tarot reader know this?

Im 20 and never been a relationship.i was wondering if a proffessional would pick up on when it might happen.


Based on how you look…. quite probable.
Sure, they'll also know that you're readily gullible and willing to pay cash for it too.
Think of this. If a psychic or tarot reader was to tell you things where you haven't yet open your mouth to speak and all was true, then pay the person. But, since the future has yet to be formed because the present has not yet been experienced and the past is barely contributing to the present situation, as to how you are in the now, no psychic nor card reader can "see" the future. After a few innocent questions they ask of you, they can approximate an answer that sounds swell and believable. Better to look at yourself in the mirror and find some little changes that you can make to self-predict a better chance of a relationship.

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