Witch, psychic, need help what the hell is wrong with me?

Chas Asked: Witch, psychic, need help what the hell is wrong with me?

I am a female born on March 9, 1987. I was born at 8:00 at night. In Western, KY. I have been having the worst luck. I constantley blow light bulbs when i turn them on. Ive crashed 4 laptop computers without touching them. Ive had cancer, been in a car wreck, and have been sick constantly all year since 2011 hit. I even went as far as to get on antidepressents bc i believe i am cursed. My grandmother died this year and when i cried it rained so hard we couldnt bury her. Please help me. I had my palm read and they told me I was executed in a past life for being a witch. WTF. Am i evil?


Song Answered:
You need to seek Jesus and bring him into your life.He can help you.He misses you.

Jezebel Answered:
No. You just need to drink more water.

XaurreauX Answered:
Poe, poe, pitiful you!

Chaz W Answered:
Ah yes, let me look into my crystal ball…

Um, it is clear what you problem is…
Your problem is that you believe that witches and psychics have power and are not frauds.
Get a Life!

Veneris Answered:
Well, yes. You DO need to drink more water.

The Voice Of Clive Jones Answered:
Hell is exactly what is the matter with you. Calling upon demons for help separates you from the Almighty.

Eric L K Answered:
You sound as though you've had a batch of bad luck, but that happens occasionally.The palmist lied to you; there is no such ability as palmistry. No psychics, either.You've not evil unless you choose to be.After your experiences, you'd be more likely to have no problems in the future than to have more.Forget the nonsense about fortunetelling and do what you can to make your life enjoyable.Good luck.

Graybeard Answered:
'll be praying for you, beautiful!

Lorran Stanley Answered:
God must really love you a lot, He is watching to see if you accept your trials and tribulations patiently to show your faith in Him

You need to do charity work for others.Your selfless service to them will bring blessings into your home.

Caoindealbhan Answered:
You want a little advice from someone who is currently studying witchcraft?

1st I should say that anyone who gives you a reading and asks for money for their services is a FAKE. That palm reader most likely lied to you.
2nd What I'm about to say is extremely obvious but, you have a lot of tension in your life. You need to relieve your the tension and re-balance your life. Curses only last as long as you ket them last. You have control over your life, now it's time to exercise it.

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