Will I end up in a relationship based on my psychic reading? 10pts!?

jes Asked: Will I end up in a relationship based on my psychic reading? 10pts!?

Read a piece of my Tarot reading from a psychic, and tell me does it suggest I may end up in a relationship at the end?? I'm a female by the way.

Tarot Reading
When I turned over this card, I immediately realized how important your emotional life and your relationships were in your life. You really need to have a certain level of intimacy in your friendships and your love life. The card is the minor arcana the II of cups in upright position. It seems to be indicating that you are someone who thinks a lot, maybe even too much, because this leads you into constant hesitation. Right now, youre thinking that things arent really going in the direction you want them too. You feel like youre stuck in a waiting room waiting to experience the harmony that you know you need. Youre waiting and the situation is getting harder to live with because you genuinely want things to get better. And thats exactly what this card suggests to me: an improvement. It indicates the happy and fulfilling association of two people if they are both able to remain themselves and stay true to their choices and desires. It also points to the achievement of harmony by the person consulting in the next few weeks.

So could I possibly end up in a relationship based on the last 2 sentences??


Jessica Answered:
umm no…. thats fake
galaxis Answered:
lol you do Tarot reading urself? IDK how to read but I have been to afew & some things were true some were not.
Sarah Bennett Answered:
Im a firm believer in fate. If something is meant to be then it will happen. Believing in taro cards is up to the individule. If you think positive then good things will happen to you, including relationships. Once you meet that special someone you will know, just beware of the jerks. There is no need to go out in search for this special someone cause chances are you will find him in the least likely of places. Good luck in your future love life 🙂

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