Wife’s mother went to see a psychic who said things about us?

Nick R Asked: Wife’s mother went to see a psychic who said things about us?

My wife's mother went to a psychic reading (don't ask me why she would want to do so, but she did because she is personal friends with the psychic), and the psychic began telling her things about my wife's relationship with me, saying how we might not be able to stay together forever like we believe and that I am holding my wife back. I gave my wife a whole speech about how we are the only people that can influence our future, blah blah blah, But she insists on believing this "psychic" lady and is being strange with me. How do psychics get the information, and should I even bother with worrying about the situation?


Ricki Answered:
So-called psychics are complete frauds. She probably got your mother-in-law to volunteer information without even knowing it. If your wife insists on taking this person seriously and your relationship changes, worry. If she smartens up, don't worry about it.

Scott Answered:
If the "psychic" is a friend of your mother-in-law, then the "psychic" was in a position to feed back issues that your mother-in-law has brought up and possibly issues your wife has brought up to her mother.You should worry because if your wife believes it she will end up sabotaging your relationship until it happens – self-fulfilling prophesy.

gina Answered:
Your mother in law's an idiot to even conveying such messages to your wife, what mother would light a fire to her own daughter's future?Tell your wife that if anything ever happens it would be her mother's fault, damn I hate idiots.

TasteTheFreakinRainbow Answered:
All physics are frauds. Yeah,they say they could see that ghost,yes,the paranormal are real,but seeing the future is bullsh*t. Yes,only you and your wife can plan out your future.

R86 Answered:
Is your MIL mexican?! lol mine is and my husband believed her and we are now separated. I tried not to let it get to me but it did. You should just not pay so much attention to it, just make her forget also. Moms are right sometimes but when psychics and witchcraft are involved its a bunch of B*llsh*t that they come up with to break up peoples marriages. Freakin' witches LOL

Misc Foushee Answered:
mom in law is being manipulative, or your wife is lying and playing games. Believing a psycic is like believing in Santa. They don't know you or her. But, i doubt the old hag even went.

Is your wife seeing someone, and using the psychic story to end it?Or does your mom in law just interverring in your relationship.

I might go to a psychic for the kick of it, but wouldn't relay a negative message the way she did you.Your wife needs to get a grip and live today like it's on purpose.

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