Why people with a Sun sign may act the same as the respective Moon sign, whereas some don’t?

Asked: Why people with a Sun sign may act the same as the respective Moon sign, whereas some don’t?

I explain. I read that the personality of a Virgo Sun is pretty much the opposite of a Virgo Moon. e.g. Virgo Suns are strong, egocentric (they go after what they want) and are very powerful personalities, e.g. Freddy Mercury. On the other hand, Virgo Moons are shitty, e.g. altruistic, eccentric, shy, psychic (everything bad in a few words). I read the same about Aquarius Sun being eccentric and Aquarius Moon being more selfish, (I read these from my Sun/Moon sign book), same as Libra Suns (are supposed to dress really in a bad way), whereas the Libra Moon is opposite and very posh and stylish.

On the other hand, Cancer Sun traits = Cancer Moon traits and this goes for a lot of other signs, e..g Aries Sun traits= aries Moon traits. Etc.

MY question, why these differences?

Why couldn't I just be like a Virgo Sun, who's not ashamed of anything and cares about the self, puts the self above others and is not so "weak" psychic (=s everyone can use you). I hate that!!

Self-critical instead of critical of others. I hate that, what is left to me?? Like a Virgo Sun and an Aquarius Moon would have been great for me. :(( But no, my combo sucks. I give all myself to others, it's just so stupid and hateful. Why couldn't it be that Sun Sign = Moon sign of the same Zodiac?

What is your Sun and what is your Moon sign? Do you like this combo?


I think the source your are reading is full of BS.
I wouldn't be reading that source.

Yes, Sun is more directive in action … because Sun represents how we need to act IF we are going to feel good about ourselves, if we are going to feel self-fulfilled.This is more active than the function of Moon, which is more passive:Moon is out automatic emotional responses, and what we need if we are going to feel emotionally safe in life (safe, vs. self-fulled as with the Sun).
Both Sun in Virgo and Moon in Virgo will show Virgo traits:Sun because they are trying to feel whole, Moon because it's just an automatic reaction to react that way.

The MOST important thing are the aspects to the planets.Aspects indicate how different needs get along with other needs within ourselves .. some aspects are harmonious, and some are at odds with each other which creates inner tension and tends to bring out the worser side of the signs involved.

I have Sun in Gemini, and Moon in Cancer.
It was VERY difficult to live with for the first 30 years of my life.My "rational" Sun needs for self-fulfillment did not want to acknowledge my emotions … which (being in Cancer) were very strong.Somewhere around 30 I start to open up to my emotions and from then on it was a matter of becoming more and more integrated as a person.Now, 30+ years down that road, it works very well. I have the capacity to be rational and logical, to evaluate well and to communicate clearly (Sun in Gemini), yet the ability to be tuned into the emotional needs of the situation and to be compassionate both for my own emotions and for others as well.Neither side (neither logic nor emotion) bowls over the other.

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