Why do American’s allow judges to issue search warrants based on tips from "psychics"?

Jenna Asked: Why do American’s allow judges to issue search warrants based on tips from "psychics"?

Isn't that basically negating the rights of their Constitution if anyone claiming to be a "psychic" can make a false claim against someone else?


Angry Candy Answered:
The occult does not respect the separation of politics and religion.

Peace through blinding force Answered:
If I ever I hear of this happening I'll look into why.

WallyZ Answered:
The don't.They have to base their decision on admissible evidence although that evidence does not have to be enough to prosecute.z

Straight Answered:
It's stupidity

Sean Answered:
Sounds odd to a logical person but I wouldn't deny it probably happens, our justice system is a joke in every way it can be. Rumpa Room is now is session, let the folly and corruption begin… All rise for the Court Jester.

Anti AntiFascist Answered:
Is that true? Shameful.

tm Answered:
Same reason we use DNA from smell….. it works.

Bob H Answered:
The can and should investigate but they normally cannot get a search warrant merely based on a psychic.In this case, they did not.If no-one is home, they can look around the outside and into windows if the drapes are not drawn.They did find evidence of blood and a foul odor which is sufficient to request a search warrant which would allow a more intense search of the grounds and inside the home.BTW, it is probably not a anonymous tip, they probably know who the person giving the tip is.z

WallyZ Answered:
After looking in to the story there seems to be too many discrepancies between news stories. So I will wait for the facts to emerge.

But to answer your question, under the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Section 18.01 a search warrant may not be issued unless " sufficient facts are first presented to satisfy the issuing magistrate that probable cause does in fact exist for its issuance.A sworn affidavit setting forth substantial facts establishing probable cause shall be filed in every instance in which a search warrant is requested".

Texas law does not define what probable cause is. But over time the courts have (case law). Basically probable cause is facts and circumstances within the officer's knowledge (or magistrate issuing the arrest/search warrant) are sufficient to warrant a prudent person to believe a suspect has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime.

So an anonymous tip from a "psychic" would never pass an appellate court, if a magistrate did issue a warrant solely based on the tip.

To answer your second question, all calls (for the most part) are always looked in to. If you called the police and told them you are living next to Ernst Blofeld (James Bonds arch enemy) and told them he is going to blow up the earth with his new laser, they will at least check in to it.

Here is the problem I have with psychics: If they were really psychic then shouldn't they already know what you are going to ask them. Shouldn't they be able to answer your questions before you even open your mouth.

Taylor Answered:
-Not unless They're Psychotic !;)

Joseph the Second Answered:
Yes I do…I am part physic (one of my relatives was the real deal and I took after her a little and sometimes can guess what people are going to say and who is calling me without even picking up the phone)…..some actual physics can predict the future/past/etc pretty accurately….>_>….but most are B.S. lol and are usually fraud…the only one I believe in is Chip Coffee…he is pretty good lol and he had an AWESOME name lol XP

Mystery Girl Answered:
I suppose it is possible, but I wouldn't ever call a psychic hotline or visit a psychic shop. I think too many people just want to make a buck off a desperate hurting person. That doesn't mean it isn't possible that somebody out there is psychic.

Now I know this isn't part of your question but I want to respond to the person who answered that their problem with psychics is that they should know the question before it is asked. Sure most or all psychic are fake, but if there is real psychic abilities I don't think it would be that they really see or know all things before they happen. I think it would be more emotion based. Maybe they see somethings based off of emotions. Maybe questions you ask sometimes, they get an answer sometimes they don't. Like any other skill sometimes you fail sometimes you don't even if you are the best at what you do you aren't going to be perfect all the time.

Casey King Answered:

Richard Burton Answered:
I believe some people have psychic abilities but never heard police departments using them to solve crimes.

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