Why did this guy do this?

Asked: Why did this guy do this?

So I'm some what of a christian / messianic psychic in the sense that God gives me interpretations and ideas about the future. I messaged a guy who privatized his facebook profile (he happened to my reject my friend request 1 year ago) and I gave him a prophetic / psychic word and about 4 hours later he makes his facebook profile public for the first time in 8 months… as if to acknowledge me or at least let me know that he is not offended by my presence etc… or am I just reading too much into things? He was pursuing his degrees before but I think he may have dropped out of the program cause I did a google search of his name and discovered that he is now living in my city instead of living in the city where he was doing his program of study in several months ago (he has a name that is very uncommon etc…) but I was told by his supporters he was relocating to a second tier school to accompany a girlfriend who had not been accepted by any other school so maybe they broke up and he decided to complete his schooling in my city which has a better school rather than the school that he was supposed to go to before etc… I'm not sure exactly what it means. See i USED to like this guy and lately I've been receiving prophetic words that we will get together or date or that he will try to get in touch with me but right now I don't like him cause if he actually did flunk out of college then he doesn't have much to offer me financially. I wanted to send my kids to this Jewish private school where tuition is 22 000 dollars a year and even though I don't plan on living a very lavish lifestyle, I want to have the most amazing vacations at least once or twice a year etc… It's always when I don't like them any more than they begin to show interest in me.


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