Why christians do you?

Jennifer Asked: Why christians do you?

why do you consider the apocrypha false,when it states facts,that even the bible points out.

Enoch was real,he has writings,the same for Jasher,and so on,it says those who add or take away are basicly doomed for hellfire.

>_> now im heathen,but in some ways,the apocrypha is leading me back to Yahweh…i still need time,and studiing.

The people who took them out HAD NOT RIGHT!.

That goes for the greek belief or anything.

I don't if the christian belief is a lie.

THe spirtiaul path isn't easy as it is,we must find truth,and threw that we search.

Now in alot of ways the bible proves itself the prochecy.

in Some ways the same for The poet Hesiods writings prochecy is prochecy,its called psychic ability,even a athiest could do it,if they knew how,its more of a prove of there divine.

>> oh the bible is real,cause Gods prophets foretold truth,yes halfway fact,they prochecy came true yes indeed,but how do they know its there God,Psychic abilitys are a gift,but as you can see threw history,The greeks did it,the norse,bibcial people,and so on.people say Gods laws are perfect

Indeed alot of it,i find very good to learn & follow,but hey if you read other poets,and stop being a closed mind you see they preach it as well from there God

Zeus wasn't a lightning bolt hurler killer,Zeus Could be just as wrathful as Yahweh,for Sinfulness.

Read the works & days.Zeus was loving as much as Yahweh,infact,alot of things Zeus wanted,are what Yahweh Wanted,Zeus wants us to be just righteuos people.again read The works & days.

All in all,i like to follow truth,and your bible also says TEST ALL and hold onto whats good,so we all have a right to test the Bible,I don't think Yahweh if he is the real God would want us closed minded,and lost,and HAVE to believe in him.

He wants us open minded,but (wise)

haha the same as Zeus -.-

>> please don't preach Hatred,this is my understanding people,that i find if Yahweh is real,then the apocryphais not false,but if Zeus is real,honestly,you don't really need to change your life style,something are alittle different.

All in all,im a open minder,and like to learn others opinons,again please no hatred,or saying im worshiping demons,or im gonna burn in hell..its rude,and you have no right to judge…

Anyway give me thoughs please =]


Higher Intelligence Answered:
my hair hurts reading this

hellogoodbye Answered:
Tried to read it, but you lost me at "threw that we search"Really???Can we not at least use spell check, so we don't sound dumber than we do already?

Mein Carrot Answered:
I don't quite understand. It's too long for me to read on a Monday.

God is Good Answered:
The apocrypha claim no divine inspiration and their history is uncertain.

Andie Answered:
I don't believe the Apocrypha is false – as in, a complete lie. I simply don't believe those books to be inspired by God and part of scripture. They are historical documents that can shed some light on history, and they were included as companions to many Bibles – much like we have concordances and maps in ours today that we do not consider scripture. But the moment they began to be treated with the same level of reverence and truth as the Bible, people recognized the need to keep them in their proper place. And that proper place is not as part of the Word of God.

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