while talking my hands has abnormal movements ?

Asked: while talking my hands has abnormal movements ?

while i am talking my fingers make a gun and moving like the ECG up and down fast and sharp like its signals

like this

but not directed to who i amtalking to . it is away from him

some people said to me its not good and be normal use ur full hand in talking
but i really want to know its meaning?
can it be a type of anxiety ?
i really suffered in my past too much
how do u see such a strange body language ?
also the main problem if i use my full hand in talking it will be extremefast , up and down like my finger gun now
sorry if u see it is as a tiny problem but i dont like to talk much more about wt caused it ?!

i also dont like to be like psychic suffering people

pls be serious while replying

i appreciate all ur answers so much

thanks a lot


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