Which strategy is better to beat strong water pokemon in emerald?

Mr Lulz Asked: Which strategy is better to beat strong water pokemon in emerald?

Strategy A:
Teach Rain Dance and Thunder to my Jolteon (therefore thunder is more accurate) and overkill the water *****.

Strategy B:
Use hypnosis with my gengar and switch to my agron and use solarebeam

Strategy C:
Make one for me my team is:
Charizard lvl 52 Flamethrower Wing attack Slash and Dragonclaw
Swampert lvl 52: Ice Beam Earthquake Take Down and Surf
Pidgeot lvl 46: Aerial Ace Wing Attack Steel Wing and Fly NOTE: if I were to use Agron I would remove pidgeot in that case Agron is lvl 48 with Earthquake Ice Beam Hyper Beam and Solarbeam
Jolteon lvl 48: Thunderbolt Thunder Wave Double Kick and Quick Attack if I use the first strategy I would delete quick attack and double kick for thunder and rain dance
Gengar lvl50: Psychic Shadow Ball Hypnosis and Dream Eater (should I delete the last two and change them for destiny bond and thunder bolt?)
Salamence lvl 50: Dragonbreath Flamethrower Fly and Hyper Beam

So what's the best strategy?


Ask Herman anything Answered:
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Starry Pluto Answered:
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