Which sign is more psychic: Cancer or Scorpio or . . ?

Asked: Which sign is more psychic: Cancer or Scorpio or . . ?

I disagree with the 1st answerer.

I think Pisces is more psychic (ruled by Neptune), Scorpio is more perceptive (ruled by Pluto/Mars), and Cancer is more empathetic (ruled by the Moon).


Msery Answered:
A Cancer, i am a cancer 🙂

I'm a Pisces and I have no idea whether I'm psychic or not. If it means that I can understand what goes on in people's head then yes. When I'm in control of my emotions (WAY RARE), I can read people like open books.

On topic:

I used to date a Scorpio girl. She was super emotional but always seems to know what goes on in my head…to a certain extent. But, it was my Cancer friend that actually always seem to know my actual thoughts, despite my vagueness. It might also be because I talk to the friend more than the girl; but sometime I get scared of my cancer friend's ability to read me. I know the Scorpio girl longer than I know the cancer friend though. I've made two cancer friends and they're freakishly talented in assuming people's thoughts and getting moody over it.

Dani Answered:
Pisces. And then Scorpio and Cancer.

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