which psychic detective yakumo episode has yakumo’s past?

Yuuki Asked: which psychic detective yakumo episode has yakumo’s past?

i am looking for the episode where goto rescues yakumo and then meets him a few years later and yakumo asks him why he saved him. thanks!


Lelouch Lamperouge Answered:
episode 4

warning! Spoiler alert:

Hope it helped 🙂

Dr who Answered:
Very possible but stay away from the racetrack til you're positive.
te144 Answered:
hahaha no.

please help me!

4everWMT Answered:
You're not psychic, there are no such things as psychics.
These are probably coincidences, unless of course you were the culprit of these incidences.
Evan Answered:
i am psychic , and truthfully, you sound like you might slightly be with your sixth sense, but not that in touch with it. Being psychic doesn't just mean predicting things and the coincidence of someone who was mean to you hurting themself. You must be beyond that. But, who knows, maybe you're easing into your ability?
Ashley Answered:
You probably have very good intuition. The world is too complex to understand – quantum physics is a proof of that with all their studies on atom behaviours.
confused girl5 Answered:
I don't know if u r psychic but it might Just mean that something was coming to that person anyways
rhondajenkins Answered:
You must have the freakin' SPN or something. If you're a girl – Watch the movie Mean Girls and listen to your breasts. And if you're a boy – You may be finding ways to control your life because of your brain is hyper stimulating your awareness, allowing you to memorize details in life, unconsciously. So, this allows you to "predict the future". It is a rare brain enhancer. It's simply a misconception that we can see into the future. (sigh), you and me, everyone are just predictable unintelligence compared to us. Well, when it comes to awareness levels – we kick their slow butts. We accelerate!

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