Which horror/psychic movie is this?

Loise A Asked: Which horror/psychic movie is this?

I don't remember everything so some parts of what I write might not be correct, but I'll do my best:

– It's about a couple (don't know if they have children) who moves to a new house.
– The neighbour wife freaks out, which the wife notices and she thinks that the neighbour husband is hurting her.
– Later the wife sees a ghost or feels a presence (or something) of a woman when she's in the bathroom. (The spirit can "contact" people through water, since her body lies in water. I think she drowned.) The wife thinks that it's the spirit of the neighbour wife and that the neighbour husband has killed her.

– And then stuff happens that I don't remember…
– It all ends with the revealing of who's spirit it was: It was the former (unknown) wife of the husband, who I think he killed. And now he wants to kill his present wife, since she knows the truth.
– So the very ending is the husband chasing his wife and somehow she drive into a lake with the car (the husband was hiding in the car to kill her, I think).
– And that very lake happened to be the place of where the dead wife's body was dumped. So her body drags the husband under and he dies.

Hope someone can help me, it's very likely that I remember things wrong…


emjob Answered:
What Lies Beneath ?

Creepis Kryp Answered:
What a gay movie that was.

Just saying, big name stars don't equal a job well done.

chits Answered:
I guess you're talking about 'What Lies Beneath'


Aleksandra Answered:
Yes, it sounds like "What Lies Beneath"(2000) starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford

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