Where’s my ipod???????

Juan Cuenca Asked: Where’s my ipod???????

i just cant seem to find my ipod. i kno its somwhere in my house for sure. any psychics out there that can predict where it could be or where i can find it?


Theresa Answered:
Top left side of your dresser.

M Answered:
under ur pillow

Turtle Answered:
The last place you left it, silly.

King Fez Answered:
ok don't worry. try to find it on your house. if couldn't go the last place you went and ask them
Try look under the table or bed.
i found my ipod after 1year inmy house and pretty i didn't put it on my closet.

so dont worry


pryde Answered:
if you have taken any dresses to the storage you may wanna try looking in them

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