Where’s my eyeliner? (Psychic help)?

Diana Asked: Where’s my eyeliner? (Psychic help)?

I need to find my eyeliner ASAP. I remember it putting it in the bathroom but i looked all over the bathroom and all over the house and didnt find it. I dont leave the house without my eyeliner i really need it fast.

P.S no rude answers please nd thanx for the help


Thatoneguy Answered:
It's in your pocket.

Sophie Waudby Answered:
Check all your bags,purses,in between the sofa,in your toothbrush pot?i dont know random places,haha;)sorry I wasn't much help but please check out my hair and make up tutorials on youtube

LoLzzzzzzz Answered:
lmao! i have like 5 eyeliners and they are always found in random places, like if i do my makeup in bed it will be there, loll look EVERYWHERE! hope u find it girly 🙂

Celiene Blackwell Answered:
maybe you put it in one of your draws by mistake

KayMonster Answered:
Go buy some cheap Dollar Store brand eyeliner to use for now. I have found good quality eyeliner at dollar stores for as little as 2 dollars. When you get home and have more time, look for it better, i'm sure your going to find it. Hope this helps.(=

Ebeth Answered:
yes!!many have dreams to tell the future but dont bragf about it or they probly WILLL dicect u LOL!!;);)

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