Where is my iTouch? I misplaced it and now I can’t find it! I need a psychic!?

E Asked: Where is my iTouch? I misplaced it and now I can’t find it! I need a psychic!?

Ok psychics, I misplaced my iTouch and I can't find it anywhere! Can somebody tell me where it is? I need it ASAP! Thanks!


Kyle Answered:
Under your bed

Braskii Answered:
in the couch

masterpengy Answered:
Try replacing your footsteps. I once lost one of my important tools, and then eventually found it after a while. Psychics are just liars, go follow my information and you should be fine.

Cruiser Answered:
You definitely used your itouch to ask this question so either check your hand, your pocket or right next to the toilet.

chokocanyon Answered:
Nope, not one. People have hoped for, believed in and pretended to be psychic for thousands of years. In all that time there has not been ONCE demonstrable psychic occurrence, and not ONE piece of objective proof for the existence of psychic powers. Not. One. Ever. In thousands of years of recorded human history.

Do the math.

Erin Answered:

Sjnoring Ejverloodyr Answered:
Please tell me the psychic didn't charge you money for this.

Jake Simmons Answered:
I am certainly a skeptic.

Kathy Miller Answered:
Of course there are, even the FBI and CIA use psychics.Preston Nichols was studying psychics, and found that there were times they simply could not get messages.Being an electronics expert and scientist, he tracked the frequency that was interfering with their messages, and that is how he located the big antenna at the Montauk Project.I don't know if you heard of it, but they did time travel experiments there, and sent people through time tunnels, it was an offshoot of the Philadelphia experiment.He was never able to find out exactly who funded this terrible things they did there, but his book is factual and full of information, much of it you need knowledge of electronics to understand. It is a very interesting book, The Montauk Project by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon.Everyone is someone psychic, haven't you ever thought of someone and they called you? Or known when someone was in trouble, or knew when your mom wanted you to call her? There are waves, just like radio waves, in which people can communicate over long distances, and also in spirit realms.It is really nothing so miraculous, just most people do not understand, if you choose to understand, and study and learn, it can be easily understood.I heard ABC has been big lately on a show cutting down psychics, you could check out this website:victorzammit.com for some interesting information.

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