What’s a good anime to watch? (Please read description)?

Lama Sherif Asked: What’s a good anime to watch? (Please read description)?

I've just finished watching Kuroshitsuji and I fell MADLY in love with it. These are animes that I've enjoyed watching and would like some animes of similar genre. (Must have good art and better not have combat fighting stuff) and pls no Harems or Ichiis; I wouldn't mind something with light shounenai tho.
1)Death Note
2)Kuroshitsuji (Duh! :D)
3) Itazura na Kiss
4) Ouran highschool host club
5)Kaichou wa maid sama
6)Vampire Knight and VK guilty
7)Psychic detective Yakumo
8)Jonjou Romantica
10)Ayashi no ceres
11) Hanasakeru Seishounen


L Answered:
Oh if u love black butler than u will really like Pandora Hearts and Gosick!

Also try 11eyes, shakugan no shana, fate/stay night.

alex Answered:
I watch ..trigun..full metal alchemist..inyuasha..s cry Ed..FLCL..

There good and action packed and etc

James Epson Answered:
Itazura na Kiss

Amber Bishop Answered:
sekai ichi hatsukoi – yaoi, by the same people who made junjou romantica~!

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