What Your Loved Ones In Spirit Want & Need From You – with medium Mavis Pittilla

www.AfterlifeTV.com What Your Loved Ones In Spirit Want & Need From You — with medium Mavis Pittilla "MAVIS PITTILLA British medium Mavis Pittilla is an iconoclast in mediumship. She saw her first spirit in 1966, and has been teaching at England's Arthur Findlay College for psychics and mediums for approximately 35 years. So Mavis was the perfect person to discuss this important conversation on "What our loved ones in spirit want & need from us." Mavis explains why people in spirit really want to communicate with us, why they hope we'll visit a medium (and try to influence us to see one), how our prayers can help them, and what we can do to satisfy their desires in the spiritual world. She also shares her immense wisdom on what's important when helping someone in deep grief, how to live from the soul, and ways that we can accelerate our spiritual growth. This is a pleasant, peaceful interview that will leave you uplifted and enlightened about spirit communication from a spirit's perspective." ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV www.afterlifetv.com MAVIS PITTILLA'S BIO Mavis Pittilla has worked with Kabalic Masters on the shores of Galilee, has demonstrated mediumship in South Africa accompanied by a Soweto choir from the shanty towns, has worked in Ireland during the troubles supporting both Protestant and Catholic families (all feeling the same pain in grief), and has worked and taught in countries throughout the world, including America, Canada, New Zealand, Holland, Norway <b>…</b>