What psychic had a lot of correct predictions?

Jordan Cagle Asked: What psychic had a lot of correct predictions?

I am writing a paper about psychics…i have to pick one and i am having trouble with it…we cant use God,Jesus, or Nostradamus


wohoozit Answered:
Firstly, G-d is not a "psychic" He is the Creator of the heavens and earth,you and me.Jesus is His Son.Secondly you have to write a paper on a scam artist? Seems very funny to me.I use to be a psychic (I was a professional online psychic 5 star rated for over 3 years) and I am telling you if you have a better subject matter to do a report on DO IT INSTEAD.ALL psychics are LIARS.There's no "correct predictions" psychic with enough PROOF to back that claim up!!!!!!!!!!!

jeremy king Answered:
The oracle of delphi

Jimmy Answered:
The Psychic Twins.

Christopher Putman Answered:
Edgar Cayce. Early 20th century Midwest.

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