What psychic ability is this?

Asked: What psychic ability is this?

My friend and I were text_ing. But keep in mine she knee nothing about my aunt. So all of a sudden she asked me if my aunt died and I said yes so she kept naming all these characteristics and 98% were right about 2 things were wrong but I asked her how did he know this and she said she doesn't know because she knows she is psychic but she told me he doesn't see the spirit, nor hear it but it's like the spirit put those in her brain or like he just knew it


Did you put any of the information online? Did your family?

If not, then it sounds like she is psychic. I hope you weren't answering every little question she had or giving away too much so that she could put it together herself. I would think they have retrognition…it refers to knowing the past. Precognition would be knowing the future.

Keep an eye on this friend of yours.A close eye, seriously.

The ability itself is called clairvoyance or retrocognition, but it's really really hard to prove.If there's any way your friend could have learned of your aunt's passing (sorry to hear that, by the way) in the living world, you've got to go with that.And there probably was.An obituary either online or in print, or maybe someone said something to him / her (keeps changing in your question), you never know.If you knew about it, it's always possible that someone else did.

While I believe in a lot of weird sh*t myself, I'm really leery of self-proclaimed psychics.That's because so many of them have been busted as frauds, and that's why I'm saying be careful.I won't say it's impossible for someone to be psychic, because weirder stuff that that has happened.But I will say keep your eyes open.

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