What psychic ability do i have?

charles Asked: What psychic ability do i have?

I have had this ability since I was 6. I can feel people die. I not only know when someone dies but it is like I absorb the pain for them so they may pass on in peace. It terrifies me when it happens, I lose total control of my body for anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Its quite painful at times. Can anyone. Help me out with this?


samantha Answered:
email me, i could discuss this with you if you would wish

Sandy Cornell Answered:
You need to seek help from parapsychologist.

Kandiboots Answered:
It sounds like you are suffering from some sort of anxiety but imagining the cause is from feeling people die instead of recognising that the origin of the problem lies within yourself.
I think you should seek medical advice.

Betty The Chaser Answered:
Sheer coincidence and imagination

Robin W Answered:
There are no real ones.Even the ones who think they have a genuine ability are using cold reading.Keep a "poker face" and don't answer their questions, and see how badly they fail.

pygonza Answered:
There is no way to tell the real from fraudsters, except perhaps through friends who have gone to the person.They are dangerous because they can tell you what you want to hear, even if it is not true and not good for you.

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