What kind of club should I start?

Asked: What kind of club should I start?

We already have a lot of clubs at my school but I really want to start my own.
These are some that we have
-fashion club
-interact club
-habitat for humanity
-friendship Circle
-dance club
-rock climbing club
-psychology club
-psychics club



Fashion – not a good idea as schools have specific dress codes, and students come from different income levels – a Fashion club can end up turning into a popularity contest or seen as not being considerate to students from low income households

Habitat for Humanity – you can only do this if it is the official "Habitat for Humanity" running the club for you.You can start a club to come up with some fund raising ideas for Habitat for Humanity, but again, you need to do everything in conjunction with Habitat for Humanities approved fund raising events and in discussion with their local branch

Rock Climbing Club – There are insurance issues that the school will likely be too worried about.

Here are some ideas
Book club
Theatre club
Health and fitness

Hope this helps

lol, what the **** is "klu"? Anyways considering how pointless a lot of these examples are, how about "jacking off club."

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