What is the title of this movie?

Nathan Asked: What is the title of this movie?

I watched this movie on the Sundance channel a while back. It was an independent (maybe college) film about a group of friends (may not have been friends, maybe just business associates) who robbed some government officials for a large trunk, with something inside. They were warned not to open it by their employer I think? Anyways…they all had guns, and were waiting at a safe-house for the boss to show up for the trunk, when they get into an argument over what might be in the trunk, and they eventually all agree to open it to see whats in the trunk. They discover that its actually an alien, and decide to "let him out". When they do, the alien starts to "hang" with them, but eventually becomes sinister and starts playing with their heads, and eventually, one by one, the people that took and are guarding the trunk, begin to turn on each other, because of the aliens psychic powers, making them do things etc…..anyone know it?


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