What is it mean when you add 2 vectors?

Asked: What is it mean when you add 2 vectors?

What does it mean when you add 2 vectors? I never taken psychics before; I am very limited in my knowledge. I am barely learning what vectors are and I am not exactly sure what it means when you have Va+Vb

I know that vectors is distance with direction but I am not sure what it means when you add them
This will truly help me with understanding. Only link I accept is youtube videos since I had trouble with previous links sent to me.

I will give 5 points to whoever can answer this in the simplest words. Please do not use random terminology that makes others brain shut down since that does not help anyone.


It is as simple as the following.You are home…Drive to the store, going north for two miles.Then go to the bank east for seven miles.Two vectors… Added together get you to the bank.

Now start at home, drive east seven miles to the movies.Drive two miles north… You are at the bank.

Doesn't matter what order you start… Adding vectors in any order get you to the same place.

There are different methods for adding and subtracting vectors. One method is called the parallelogram method. Another method is initial point to terminal point method.
The main thing to understand is that a vector has a magnitude and a direction.
when placed on a coordinate system with the initial point of a vector at the origin (0,0), the vector will have two components the x-component and the y-component ( x,y) the length of the vector is |A| = [ Ax + Ay)
and the direction is Tan = Ay/Ax.
when adding vectors add all the x components together and add all the y components together to get the resultant vector magnitude , then use these new values of x and y to get the direction.
Find the vector components Ax = |A| cos and Ay = |A| sin .
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