What is it about wicca and psychics and horoscopes that appeals to women?

Charlie Asked: What is it about wicca and psychics and horoscopes that appeals to women?



Sexy Btrd Answered:
This is because females are not in charge of their own lives. Things happen to females whereas men make things happen. So females believe in all sorts of things to help them find out what is going to happen to them.

Pat Riarchy Answered:
It has been found that women are generally more spiritual than men.

Molly Answered:
Well, Charlie, I don't know, but if there were mystical institutions devoted to the understanding of women, I suppose we could say that they would have the same appeal to us guys thatwomen find appeal in wicca/psychic/horoscope/taro cards stuff!

Actually women seem to have keener insights into mystically intuitive cross-gender relationship stuff than us guys do, and perhaps it is you who could clue me in on this one. Of course guys seem to have like adaptations, but unfortunately it seems great difficulties seem to be the stimulus for it to surface in guys. I suppose nature intended for these 'great difficulties' to be only 'the power of enduring love' between a man and woman, but it seems more and more relationships don't get enough privacies to ever get that far. I don't know.

My reasoning on this one can be corroborated with physiological phenomena of the difference in a man's and a woman's brains in general. Men have uncertain rearward structures centered that women do not have. No one knows too much what that means, but I've heard speculation such as to allow women to plug a line in his programming! and also that man has structures to help him be more watchful of his domain upon rearing offspring, since the woman will be more astute naturally with the nursery room logistics.

A seconddifference in brain physiology is that women's left and right hemispheres of the cerebral cortex are much more connected with nerves and vessles than men's. Perhaps this accounts for a greater affinity of women to correlate between left brain(conscious thought, perceptions offacts/reality) and right brain( art, emotion, music, dreams, subconscious stuff). Perhaps it also allows a man to more easily separate his actions from his emotions/sympathies as when he, the hunter, shoots the beautiful deer, guts and skins it,and severates the body into neat vennison steaks for his woman to prep for the table.

Have a nice day anyway.

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