What happens when you meet your lifetime soul mate but find another soul mate later in life?

Asked: What happens when you meet your lifetime soul mate but find another soul mate later in life?

I have had several psychic reading, and they all tell me the exact same thing. I have been researching about soul mates all day. And I found out you could have more than one soul mate. But my confusipn is, when I asked my psychic how many soul mated will I encounter throughout my life he told me 2. I haven't meet neither one. But the first soul mate that I meet is suppose to be my life time partner, the second I don't really know why. I know soul mates are suppose to teach us lessons. But I wonder why would I meet my life time partner first and the second one could be a short term or a friend? The reason I asked is bc I felt like I almost had a soulmate connection with my ex-boyfriend but we are not together bc he became an *** after 2 years of a wonderful relationship. And I do want to find my soul mate, but this confuses me and I was wondering if someone could help me with this, bc I would like to cheat on my life time partner. Yet I haven't meet none of them. And has this happend to anyone before?


what the F U C K is this?!?!
You redefine soul/sole mate with a very wary eye.
maybe, you're gonna find soulmate number one and grow old with him. then he will die .
then youre gonna fall in love with the friend who comforted you but it'll only be temporary because maybe you'll die..
You need to think less and search more.You can't have two soulmates it just doesn't work.I don't know WHY you'd ever wanna cheat on your lifetime partner…In my own opinion that's one of the worst things a person can do…especially to a lover.I think you're approaching this the wrong way,just live life and keep your eyes and heart open,when you find the one for you,you'll know.
woahh you would like to cheat on your lifetime partner, uhh i hope thats a typo.

If you look for your soul mate, you will not find him. Its guaranteed, they will find you. Love will find you, don't go searching for it or you will pass it up. I know this from experience. Think of it like this, you have 2 soul mates, the one you're going to marry & spend your life with …& the other to remind you of why you're with your 1st soul mate. Honestly, i never thought we had two soul mates. Its always been one soulmate, your other half thats it. no other 2 halfs & you have to choose. i say thats bs. but since you believe you have 2 ill give advice to your standards…….maybe you have 2, & life is making you choose which one to be with, they may come right at the same time. you'll never know. its cool your into that psychic stuff, but everything forgets this & i cant stress this enough

Everything changes.

Soulmate is overrated. Even the one who is a perfect compliment to your soul may not care about you more than the person who is mildly compatible to your characteristics. Focus on the person who cares about you, The wedding sermon is "in sickness and in health". The person who will stay with you in sickness is your soulmate, no matter how compatible he/she is with you.
Remember, on the broader scheme of live, love and romance for your life partner is not more that 10% of your life. You will have much bigger fishes to fry and much serious issues to solve. If you work hard enough, you can save thousands of lives and cure cancer and what not.
Impossible by the very definition of the idea of what it is to be a soul-mate.

Why would you come on the internet to understand a psychic reading, or worse, to get additional information from it?

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