What does this mean, if anything?

Mike Asked: What does this mean, if anything?

I've had multiple occasions where I have a deja vu moment, and it always seems to happen a couple weeks in advance. Every time something happens.

I had this happen to me 5 minutes before I got a call that a friend had died. And again when other significant events took place.

I don't think of myself as a medium or something like that, but all of my friends have never had this happen to them.. I don't think I'm psychic or anything, but I'm curious if these events mean something.

I'll also get very nervous right before something bad happens, something goes wrong, or some other event.

Again I don't know what it means, and if anyone has any input I would appreciate a serious answer. Thanks


Amanda G Answered:
It just means that you are very intuned to the world around you, you think about others and pick up on subtle hints quicker than the average person would.
julann Answered:
I feel that there is a lot about humans that we do not understand.My mom use to call what you are talking about intuition. I learned to trust her feelings and if she asked me to avoid something (like getting in someones car), I would listen to her. There was no scientific answer for this, however, it happened.I would say that you have some connection with people that is not really understood.Much like a dog that smells illness in people, or animals that head for the barn before a storm can even be seen by people outside.I hope you can see this as a gift and not a detriment.The getting nervous before something bad happens could be a primal "fight or flight" response that we have that is used to protect us.As for actual Deja vu, there are theorists that believe that feeling that you are reliving something could be a millisecond misfire between the two hemispheres of the brain, and when the other side catches up to the experience, you do experience it twice.

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