What does this mean? Am I normal?

Hentz Asked: What does this mean? Am I normal?

So for the past few years I have been having dreams. Sometimes I cant tell if the dreams are reality or not because they are not unusual dreams. But on many occasions I will have a dream and in some shape or form that dream will become reality (Ex. Ill get my period,Ill see someone I haven't seen in years, Someone says something to me that happened in dream) and sometimes my dreams are just a preview of my day. I also get very weird vibes right before something bad will happen. Like say as soon as something lets say bad happens to someone I know or even something like there will be some form of argument between people around me. Also I can always feel when someone is starring at me. Another thing that really creeps me out, things I want to happen always seems to happen. There was this girl at my job who I couldn't stand, And all I kept thinking about was how much I wanted her gone so I wouldn't have to deal with her anymore. Well she got fired and I haven't seen her since. another incident, There was a math test that I didn't study for, I kept saying in my head "postpone the test" And what do you know, test gets postponed.Another incident, I was at work one time and there is this Amish guy who works there that is prejudice. I was in the bathroom and I heard our checkout coach call him to the front end. And for some really odd reason I though in my head, "he is probably mumbling some racist remark under his breath about her right now" Well I went back to my station and she had told me that he made a comment to her saying "I was helping out someone of your kind, they like to party alot" She is Hispanic. I personally believe in alot. (Horoscopes, psychic readings, and fortune tellers) But I'd really like some help. Please if your going to answer my question please take it 100% serious. Because this to me, is a serious matter. I am 16. Born August 5th, 1994.


Rick Wakeman Answered:
seriously its just coincidence

ByTheSea Answered:
okay, the dream vs. reality thing: maybe you're schizophrenic
and when your dreams come true? that's a thing little we call deja vu

the other happenings are just a coincidence. stop thinking that you're some special being, because you're not.

otherwise, you probably have a mental disorder.

Isis Redrose Answered:
Hi I am discovering my psyche abilities too…this is not a spam check out this website WWW.kajama.com it has help me learn soooo much about these things. Hope someone here can give you more answers too.

Smiley Answered:
I think some can be chalked up to coincidence, but I disagree with the other responders who say it's only coincidence or you're not something special.I believe some people have a sort of 6th sense, where they, at the very least, can tune into something that's intangible only to find out it happens shortly thereafter.It's happened to me a number of times.It is, indeed, a little creepy, but in those instances, at least for me, they were pleasant experiences.I cannot really speak much more about that as there clearly is contradictory information about it.If you believe in psychic ability, they maybe you do have some abilities more than the average person.Read up on 6th sense and foretelling the future.I know this is a controversial subject, but like many say, you can't see G-d, but you believe he exists.Isn't that the meaning of faith?Have faith in yourself, but I still think much of your examples, though, not all, couldbe mere coincidence.

TT Answered:
You are normal.Many people can do this too.There's nothing in the world that's a coincidence.The mind is very powerful.I just want to congratulate you for the ability to manifest what you desires.Many people in the world have a very "clouded" mind that prevent them from manifesting what they want.Just be careful of the things that you think.

Be careful of negative thoughts and or spoken words.Also please caution not to send any psychic attacks to anybody.(there is universal law of karma).If you do think of anything negative, it's ok: just say "cancel, the information is not accurate."Then replace it with a POSITIVE.

If you need more help in explaining, let me know.

robvas1983 Answered:
i have the same thing too, but im starting to hate it. it only shows me how sucky my life will be in the future.

alan h Answered:
Dreams happen.
Try real life.

Hippy Kitty Answered:
Read this book
Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf
It shall help clear away any stigma and help you with your new life's journey. It is a gift and you can learn to control it creating no harm. These are images of the future and of the other realm that you have always been about to see but now you can start to as you are mentally ready and will understand more then if it had happened a couple of years ago. Your guardian angle is your spirit guide and shall help you can guide you in ways they can

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