What does the bible say about people who call themselves "intuitive"?

Asked: What does the bible say about people who call themselves "intuitive"?

I am a strong Christian and I do not believe in psychics or mediums. But a woman came up to me at work and called herself intuitive and asked if she could do a reading on me. She proceeded to tell me she was Christian and gets blessings from the lord to be able to read people so I agreed. She said alot of things that pertained to my life and talked about my passed grandmother like she knew her. I burst into tears because everything she said was right and I was shaking! I am confused what to think of her because in the bible I know it says that they (psychics and mediums) are very good at disguising themselves and that we should set our face against that person. But she made it clear that she was not a psychic. Please help


Let me help you with that:
Put these two statements together from your post:
"they are very good at disguising themselves" and "she made it clear that she was not a psychic"

Remember, a thorn by any other name is still as dangerous and painful when it pricks your finger, so just because she SAYS she's not a psychic or medium, well – of COURSE she'll deny it to you! That doesn't mean a thing.

Just stay away from her.

Or better yet, ask her who is Jesus and what did He do.

If she cannot say that Jesus is the Lord (or at the very least, the Son of God) (who He is), and that He died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins (what He's done), then she is NOT a Christian! (The Bible says not to believe every spirit, but to put them to the test whether they be of God nor not.)

Some people see things in different ways than others.Most palm readers, for example, look for signs of things like nail-biting to tell them you're a nervous person.Some people look at things this way and are able to draw conclusions other people cannot.And they don't necessarily claim to be "psychic" or anything else.
If the bible says that psychics are evil, would you suddenly view her as less than human?

Personally, I feel like at the time the bible was written, "psychics" would have likely been referred to as "witches". I personally don't believe in metaphysical bunk (god included), but be nice to her and respect her as a fellow human being no matter what she believes.

You can believe in something as long as it doesn't cause you to discriminate.

Different people have different spiritual gifts. A person can know what graces are most important and have greater graces if he or she says the rosary carefully every day.


The fifteen promises of Mary to Christians who recite the rosary:
1. Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the Rosary shall receive signal graces.
2. I promise my special protection and the greatest graces to all those who shall recite the Rosary.
3. The Rosary shall be a powerful armor against Hell, it will destroy vice, decrease sin, and defeat heresies.
4. It will cause virtue and good works to flourish; it will obtain for souls the abundant mercy of God; it will withdraw the hearts of men from the love of the world and its vanities and will lead them to the desire of eternal things. Oh, that souls would sanctify themselves by this means.
5. The soul which recommends itself to me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall not perish.
6. Whoever shall recite the Rosary devoutly, applying himself to the consideration of its sacred mysteries, shall never be conquered by misfortune. God will not chastise him in His justice, he shall not perish by an unprovided death; if he be just, he shall remain in the grace of God and become worthy of eternal life.
7. Whoever shall have a true devotion for the Rosary shall not die without the Sacraments of the Church.
8. Those who are faithful to recite the Rosary shall have during their life and at their death the light of God and the plenitude of His graces; at the moment of death, they shall participate in the merits of the saints in Paradise.
9. I shall deliver from Purgatory those who have been devoted to the Rosary.
10. The faithful children of the Rosary shall merit a high degree of glory in Heaven.
11. You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary.
12. All those who propagate the Holy Rosary shall be aided by me in their necessities.
13. I have obtained from my Divine Son that all the advocates of the Rosary shall have for intercessors the entire Celestial Court during their life and at the hour of death.
14. All who recite the Rosary are my sons, and brothers of my only Son, Jesus Christ.
15. Devotion to my Rosary is a great sign of predestination.

It is soothsaying, which is sin to the one performing it, and is sin to the one partaking in it.See (Isaiah 47:11-13)
Some people are blessed with intuition or really just common sense this women fits neither catagory and it is a sin in the Bible to tell fortunes or read palms,spiritual gifts are different than these..Like gifts to speak in tongues, gifts to understand people talking in tongues ,healing ,ect..
Sorry you were so naive.In reading you bible, it should become clear that there are such things as diviners, mediums, witches, conjurers, etc.Do you accept the possibility that she lied?I would have rebuked her as a tempter, using the law as a sword, praying for His intervention and power.

a mistake to let her work on you, but not unforgivable.

I would think the Bible would say to walk in fear, do not trust your intuition just read the book that is full of numerology, astrology, magick, rituals and about everything it speaks against.In the Sermon on the Mount it says those who mourn shall be comforted, but they are not are they because that part they left it out.I say always listen to your intuition it will save your life many times over and protect you from danger.Do not walk in fear and trust that you have a sixth sense that if you use it can help you a lot through life.You are Divine there is no one more unique special nor worthy to commune directly with their creator than you are why listen to others who are long dead and supposedly the only ones that ever lived and will live good enough to be inspired by God? They are so great why are they so dead? Meditate and commune with your Creator directly. "Be still and know that I am God".You must be still … and close off the senses, and listen you will truly find the kingdom of heaven is within.There are jewels of wisdom in the book if you can sort them from the coals of ignorance.Being intuitive psychic is part of our nature people shut off their connection to spirit out of fear.You have much to learn still don't be afraid to keep an open mind.http:www.victorzammit.com check it out if your not scared!
An intuitive person means she is very aware of things around her and what they mean. She was just examining u using ur body posture, pulse, facial expressions and much more. She can also be very gud at guessing what people think and draw conclusions from that. It is not impossible as many people can do that it just takes lots of practice and a bit of talent.

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