What does it mean when a girl just says "lol"?

Asked: What does it mean when a girl just says "lol"?

Ok so me and this girl are talking and the conversation is going well, then out of the blue she just says "lol" what does this mean?

Here is the convo:

Her: How did you know?

Me: oh you didn't know? im psychic 😛 thats how I knew

Her: Lol

Me: So tell me what your secret is for being so cute?

Her: I wasn't aware I had a secret?

Me: Now your aware, your welcom 😛

Her: Lol

Wtf, I don't get it why is she just saying lol, is she not interested? if she isn't then why did she reply?
Is she laughing? then why do I get the feeling she's making the whole thing awkward? Ladies can you please tell me whats going, or guys if you've had experience with this?


not interested, doesnt want to hurt ur feelings by not replying, wants to end the convo
Laugh out Loud
shes trying to end the convo, shes not putting effort thats how you know.
cause ur weird.
She's not interested but she doesn't want to ne rude. She probably just wants to be friends.
that means she likes you and she thinks your funny

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