What does it mean to dream you are asleep in bed with the rapper 50 cent & that you are waking up ne

Fatimah Asked: What does it mean to dream you are asleep in bed with the rapper 50 cent & that you are waking up ne

i can remember what else happened in the beginning but the end was really nice i was waking up next to 50 cent i know its not a psychic dream but i would love for it to be the truth.


MyCloudPlanet Answered:
Very good dragon deck.. I would add Mirror Force.

ChainLightninG Answered:
There is a million dollars for the first person to prove any type of ability. Under controlled conditions, to eliminate cheating. This has been offered for over a decade and no one has come close.

Until someone steps up, there are no such people. Only liars that say so.

Amethyst33 Answered:
We are all psychic.Some more than others.Plain and simple.

We can improve our psychic ability.There are many books and methods on how to increase your psychic ability.Have you ever been thinking about a person and then the phone rings and it is him? Maybe your conscious mind wasn't aware that he was calling, but you subconscious "psychic" ability did.Have you ever had a dream but a couple of days later your dream was explained to you through an experience or a person?Many people have psychic dreams, particularly Cancers.

Have you ever been at the mall and somebody calls your name and then you realize that you had been wondering what had ever happened to her? Again, your psychic ability is at work.

These are simple things that probably have happened to all of us at one time or another.I had two long-term Cancer mates and both of them had prophetic dreams.

Start looking up web sites about psychic ability and learn more about it. There is a fine line between heaven and earth and those with psychic ability are often able to cross that fine line.

Good question and good luck and bless you.

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