What does it mean to be an emotional soul?

Danielle Asked: What does it mean to be an emotional soul?

I was told by a psychic that my future soulmate/true love is going to be an emotional soul. Can you please explain to me what that means?

( I respect your opinion if you don't believe in psychics and think its a big hupla, but please don't give a mean response.)


Tranny Hooker Answered:
It means he's gonna be 11" erect…
your soul is your body. you are emotional.
Cupcake Answered:
If someone cries at Mother and Daughter or Father and Son commercials, then they are an emotional soul.

One who weeps a lot

sectioned not stirred Answered:
It means you wasted a lot of money on someone who told you something that sounds profound but actually means nothing.
Sara Answered:
Why didn't you ask the "psychic" that question?
Chad Cornwall Answered:
let me say first that i think psychics are full of shizz.

but i digress. have you ever heard the term "kind soul" or something similar? it's not that hard to figure out darlin.

bird Answered:
An emotional soul is a person who is sensitive to the feelings of others.

You paid a charlatan to tell you what you wanted to hear.Please, if you wish to throw money away, throw it my way.At least I will try to give you something useful in return.

Mackey Answered:
I wouldn't put too much weight behind what she said, it really doesn't even make sense.
Ronniel Answered:
Meaning he's going to need a lot of love & affection , I'm def an emotional soul I've been through hell but I'm the brightest n happiest person as I've been strong enough to pull myself through I just need someone to whipe my sweat n throw me back in the ring lol

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