What do you think? What should I do? Why is that man acting like that?

Ella Asked: What do you think? What should I do? Why is that man acting like that?

Sorry, I don't whether I should ask this, but I need someone's opinion. I am dating a guy whose mother married when she was 20 a rich 40 year old man. His mother is friends with a man who is considered gifted because many people say he is psychic, the man said that she can marry my boyfriend's father because he loves her so they married. Now, my boyfriend told his mother about me and she asked her friend, the one who is considered psychic, about me. She asked him if I love her son and he just laughed. I never saw this man in my life. But his decisions have a huge impact on my life because my boyfriend listens to his mother and his mother listens to this man. What should I do? I am tired of everything and so is my boyfriend, but we love each other. I am annoyed that this man judges me when he doesn't know anything about me and he never met or even saw me in his lifetime. The problem is that my boyfriend believes this man and is influenced by his mother who believes even more in this man. My boyfriend is not as rich as his father was when he married his mother because my boyfriend is middle class, he is not a millionaire. But I am as rich as he is, I don't need his money and I am not younger than my boyfriend. So I don't understand why this man laughs when my boyfriend's mother asks if I love her son.


Waterdragon Answered:
personally its too much drama for me —- he really does not love you —- if he did then nothing anyone could say would stop him from being with you — i suggest its time to call it a day and move on he is not worth the effort you will put in — best wishes (besides he believes a psychic !!!!)

Da Mexican Romeo Answered:
Feraligatr if he gets one Dragon Dance up then he can do a lot of damage to anything!!!


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