What do you think of my teachings?

Michael Asked: What do you think of my teachings?


Tribal and Mass people have nothing,
they spend their whole-lives having a hard-time securing Food and Shelter.

is the source of most of our Wars. They use religion and Authority to Manipulate people.

Aspirant-Level is the American-Dream; people here are beginning to understand the true nature of Love. aspirants develop laughter, music, basic arts, equal Trade, fair systems of law and Industry and geniunely see the traditional Family as their main goal in Life. However, Aspirants still think god is a supreme Being living on a thrown sitting in the clouds somewhere and still think we are ALONE in the Universe.

Disiple-level is the first seeds of Freedom into the Spiritual-World. Green-peace; socialism
…Disciples' become Inventors, Politicians, succesful Businessmen, and Psychic-Mediums.

Once in Initiate-level, the student learns the value of seeing the One in All.
Exoricisms, advanced Siddhi Powers like teleportation are studied in Initiate-level.

Immortal-level: Immortals have mastered all physical laws
regained our original identity as a Diamond-Sun-Flame…and can Rise from the Dead.

Your thoughts..?


snicker lover Answered:
I think your teachings are the same as other teachings that are emerging all around the world.Some are not related to religions or mastering the physical laws, or exorcisms.They are more about people understanding our direct relationship with each other and coming under the banner of 'Oneness'.

I like the articles I've read from a Leading Australian Psychic Medium Vine, when she shares that humans are evolving and we are currently entering the 2012 earth changes that allow us to get in touch with who we really are.


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