What do you know about PSYCHIC abilities?

blitz420 Asked: What do you know about PSYCHIC abilities?

Do you know if being high on marijuana would increase those abilities? I know that the average brain wave frequency is about 14 to 20 cycles per minute. Psychic activity normally only occurs when the cycle is at 7 to 14 cpm. Since weed slows you down, would you have more opportunity to experience something paranormal while high?

Does meditation really help to increase psychic abilities? And does stress really present itself as a barrier for the paranormal? Open-mindedness is a huge and critical part of being in touch with psychic abilities. That I'm sure of.

My question to those who are kind enough to help me out, is what do you know? Share anything and everything with me that you have at your knowledge. I'd seriously appreciate it. And if you have any information that would be easier to tell me through a personal message or IM or something, feel free to hit me up personally.

Thank you.


Samm Kelley Answered:
I highly doubt that being high will help. Meditation is for clearing the mind and calming down. Stress is sometimes a barrier.

32312321 Answered:
No one has ever ever been able to prove they have psychic abilities so I don't know where you get the idea that they are linked to some sort of measurable brain cycle.

Thinking you have more psychic abilities when you are stoned is probably akin to thinking you are an awesome singer after you have drunk a carton of tinnies.

Shenaynay Answered:
Marijuana, alcohol, stuff like that makes you think you have psychic abilities but really all it does is make you dumber for a few hours.

If u are cool, calm, and confident, it is true than u can manipulate people. buy psychic abilities? no

Psychic relates to the supernatural capabilities of the mind. While there is no proof that psychic powers really exist, there are many believers. Here is a list of the psychic powers I can think of.

1.) Procognition: Seeing the future
2.) Clairvoyance: Knowing that an event is taking place right at the moment; seeing an object(example: A picture you have never seen before) in a sealed box or other.
3.) Telekinesis: Moving objects with mind power alone. Not just small objects either. How heavy an object you can lift depends on how skilled you are with Telekinesis.
4.) Electrokinesis: Controlling electricity.
5.) Telepathy: Reading one's thoughts, and being able to feel how another is feeling.

Personally, i think it's a fantasy like god.

Jaz Imagine Answered:
im very psychic, nick you are 7.

Dia Nonne Answered:
How can i know

TRay Answered:

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conTROLL Answered:
Im psychotic and youre 14

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