What do you call a midget psychic that escaped from prison?

Balanda1 Asked: What do you call a midget psychic that escaped from prison?

neither are, and be careful of ouija boards. They're not a joke when you do it often.


Skie Downs Answered:
It depends what you believe… Theres no evidence to suggest that any of them actually work.
But pretending they do work:
Ouija Boards: Your asking a spirit? What makes you think they know what the future. They're spirits not psychics.
Psychics: Can be expensive and all or even most are fake. so not reliable
Horoscopes: Someone's interpretation of what the stars say.
None of them are reliable.

Pentecostal Answered:
I know being religios sounds nutz. When I was Catholic I left the Church, I was like this is retarded, no meat, u sprinkle the babies at birth and NOTHING they did lined up with the Word of God, the Bible. but if you find a church that is Holy Ghost and Bible Believing, you should be all set and I 100% garuntee if u gave ur life to Jesus you'd be all set and legit FREE of ALL these things NOT KDDING. Ya knowhow I know? I was in the same boat not knowing the Truth and having problems in my life and almost died.

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