What do I ask my psychic during kabbalah reading?

Mimi B Asked: What do I ask my psychic during kabbalah reading?

I'm not sure how that process works and what to expect. I was hoping to get in touch with my spirit guides and spirit animal, and know more about my future paths. Is that process going to help me in that area? Or which area?


wonderwoman Answered:
You need to make sure that they are a psychic AND a medium as well..
I got readings before and spent too much money bc I wasn't prepared and organized. Make sure you write down your questions before hand, and possibly record the session.Alsp, don't let them spend most of your session talking about a subject that your ready to move on from, I don't knowif your paying by the minute or hr, but either way, before you know it, your Times up and you still have questions u didn't get to ask bc u spent too much time on one subject. 🙂 that's where they make their money!A psychic medium can channel your loved ones and pets. Ask SPECIFIC INFO that only your loved one would know. Keep an open mind if you wanna feel that rekindled connection once more.. Try not to think about the answers or specifics bc sometimes a psychic can read your thoughts and base answers off of that.One more helpful tip is to meditate right before you go..truly helps!

Sending positive energy your way..

If you can,post how your session went, I'd love to know.

Georgia Answered:
Vienna Answered:
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Ryan Boukzam Answered:
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Dick Answered:
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