What books are similar to this?

Jadddddeee x Asked: What books are similar to this?

I'm writing a submission letter and my query requires a title similar to what I've written. Can anyone help here? It's YA fiction so preferably only YA books that similar.

Ara lives in a world where the ancient Arabian myths are secrets. A group of self-proclaimed 'Keepers' service the worlds elite by kidnapping young djinns and selling them in elaborate auctions. Djinns are to the eye just like humans but something in their DNA makes them different; powerful. Ara is a marid, a rare and powerful type of djinn that the rich would kill for. The influential humans in the know use djinns to manifest wealth and goods. After an intense bidding war, she escapes the grasps of The Keepers. She finds herself lost in the middle of Dubai being pursued by the man who bought her. In an alley late at night another ancient group come to her rescue. They are known as Guardians and hold a vital piece of information regarding a plot to use Ara's energy for evil. So, with the help of three Guardian protectors and a psychic djinn she swears she hates she must find a lost city and conduct a ritual to evade the claws of the elite. Her plans will take her across modern day Arabia to places she never could imagine were real. Whilst dodging bullets, foiling plans and uncovering the truth she must also save the world. With a sharp blade and an even sharper tongue she can't fail, can she?

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Bluebootz Answered:
Its only legal if its classified as entertainment in some states.Some people are just desperate and want some reassurance so they consult a psychic hoping for a ray of hope and end up with another bill.

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