What are these flashes of color?

JustusW Asked: What are these flashes of color?

I recently discovered that I'm psychic. Clairaudient to be more specific, but I also see these flashes of color. They are kind of dim and usually engulf the whole room. They are typically green, blue, or white. Although I just saw a small yellow dot appear and disappear. It was about the size of a penny and had a black circle in the middle. Does this mean anything? And all of the flashes that I see occur in the dark at night, when I haven't been looking at lights and my eyes are adjusted to the dark.


Ethan Answered:
Lol I don't believe in psychics…just seems like people trying to be different…but to answer the question,it's probably just your eyes adapting. Like when I close my eyes tight,I see colors..

ashley goy Answered:
So this is basically about Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio, but you changed their surnames?

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