what anime should i watch?

captain spacepirate Asked: what anime should i watch?

ive been into anime for a while but i always have trouble finding one
i dont like to much romance and i do like random funny'ness
heres what ive seen

Darker than black
Darker than black: Gemini of the meteor
Outlaw star
Cowboy bebop
Hellsing ultimate
Rozen maiden
Bus gamer
Death note
Full metal alchemist
Full metal alchemist brotherhood
highschool of the dead
Psychic detective Yakumo
Devil may cry
Zombie loan
Fooly cooly/ flcl/ furi curi
Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex
Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex 2nd gig
Ergo proxy

no DBZ,bleach,one peace


Bumblebear Answered:
One that I really enjoyed [and is still my favorite] was Fruits Basket. It has a bit of romance, but it is SO funny, so it makes up for it. I really recommend that one for you. Enjoy!

Imiz Answered:
if u lookin for a short and cool anime then watch
"kuroshitsuji 2"
only 12 episodes…its super cool :]

Cloie Airice G Answered:
If you want a funny one, Gin Tama is the best one to suggest. It also has action.

Sophie L Answered:
Naruto, i really liked this Manga/Anime its really funny, im sure you'll like it!
Ouran High School Host Club, so funny full of humor, kept me laughing for ages
Azura crying. i havent seen it in a while but its got action andsome humor im pretty sure
Socerous Stabber Orphen! (like Naruto and Ouran, it is one of my all time favourites!) it has action, a storyline (the first season does, more than the second) and it is full of humor!

— hope this helps 🙂

PammLol Answered:
Naruto ! [plus shippuden]


Gokujou!! Mecha

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