Weirdest phenomenon I ever heard of in history?

The Snow Man Asked: Weirdest phenomenon I ever heard of in history?

In the year 2002: There was a person that has autism, who used to live in care; but they didn't like it very much, so they wanted to become independent. Obviously there are limitations if this is even possible because of their condition; but never the less, people started pressuring him to do things like housework to be able to become independent.
He couldn't cope with all this housework and he reported that he could not cope, but they took no notice. He got angry with his staff, frustrated and even frightened that he would fail and lose everything that he has achieved (and people told him this is the case and it was all lies).
In the panic and frustration, he would self injure and smash things; until he decided that he would write all of these accusations down in a piece of paper and hide it under the bed. He wanted to go through all of these problems to be able to do something about them, without forgetting all the accusations that were sent to him.
This was not good enough, so it meant writing reams and reams about things. He thought "If I have written about these problems, then what about if I write about other problems that are hard to keep on top of?" and so he did. He added to these things until he had to have a briefcase; and then all the data was put on a laptop computer, and the system got more and more elaborate.
He had an amazing ability to understand science; and so this ability was stimulated by trying to work out solutions to problems, and he developed unusual skills and abilities with intelligence.
He has now gone higher up on the evolutionary ladder, like in the X-men.
Years past and his intelligence sawed, as did his ability to do lateral thinking and problem solving; and it has accelerated as time passed. The level of intelligence ability to think in a special way was such that scientific theories started to becoming, which shattered world records in terms of it's significance (such as one called 'the theory of interference'), and the world record breaking abilities are growing so fast, it is like a fire storm and is spreading faster that you can imagine.
It is getting to the point that it is even going into the territory of developing skills that seem psychic in nature etc.

Doesn't it make you think what stress can do to people's brains?
Usually it is bad however; maybe it isn't in this case, but just a lucky accident.
What do you think to this?

Curiously, he has been told he has a special nature in some spiritual way; like a god or like his is royalty etc (which is the way they conveyed it).
He can withstand extremely cold temperatures indeed, which is sold cold that it is regarded as medically impossible.

What do you think of this case?



Pentex Answered:
And…… ?!?!

NessaNay Answered:
i think its amazing and when you think about it alot of autistic people are really amazing…its like instead of being like most people who have the ability to excel moderately at alot of things they have just one thing and they are absolutely spectacular at it.. like the man who can tell you any zip code inthe world all you have to do is say the city and he can tell you… these people really are just amazing

Cndi Grl Answered:
Ive worked in care with people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and challenging behaviour. Care workers cannot force residents of care homes to do housework etc, it would be against the law and unacceptably bad practice. You can ask a resident to help or try to teach them independent living skills, but you cannot make them work.

Amethyst33 Answered:
Well first the reality check.We are all going to die.Our Creator decides when we are born and Our Creator decides when we die.

I think you are taking this prediction too seriously.This psychic didn't happen to mention exactly when this tragedy was going to occur?How convenient for them.Did the psychic tell you that if you came back you could get more information?That my dear is no psychic.I believe that your psychic is hopeful that you will return and then she will have a fatter wallet than you will.I would not appreciate a psychic that let me leave with such an awful prediction and then even worse let you leave in a highly anxious state of mind.Not professional.

Now you are in a panic playing the "What if" game.What if this happens.Or what if this happens.Or what if this happens.That is a no-win game.The psychic knows this. Why do you think her "clients" come back for another reading.

Stop worrying.This psychic is one of the reasons that psychics have such a bad reputation.Many scam the elderly because they are easy prey.Old people are easily persuaded.

If you want to have another psychic reading don't go back to her.Start asking around and find a good affordable reputable psychic.Heck, I found mine at a flea market!

Good luck to you.You'll be fine.Bless you.

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