Was this palm reader fake?

1145 Asked: Was this palm reader fake?

Let me say I DO NOT believe in psychicsor anything first

So my parents went to this palm reader randomly on the street, I wasnt there

She read my dads hand, told him his name, his job, how many kids he has, everything

Then she said more about me and how Id turn out (which is something really good)

Anyway, therereally is no way, she could have known any of this with a trick

Is she would have to be, how else would she know the name?


RyRy Answered:

Your name has at least one vowel in it, and one consonant at least. The vowel is probably a, e, i, or o.
You have two biological parents. And four biological grandparents. You have at least one sibling.

Jen Answered:
If all psychics knew the number they would all be rich by now. I don't think so try you're favorite numbers. Or quick picks.

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