Very Weird stuff is happening to me?

Bea Asked: Very Weird stuff is happening to me?

Ok call me crazy if you want call me a freakin liar idc. But lately ive noticed something very strange about me. I just seem to know things without being Taught or told about. like i know things about people and events that i never heard or learned ever. Its been happening to me since i was 10 or 12 and it keeps happening Im very concerned its getting very worse. Idk if anyone believes me but its true. I know things about people that i barely know and know about things about to happen. I dont think im psychic or anything cuz i dont believe that stuff. but idk whats going on please help i want it to stop already! lately ive tried meditation and opening chakras cuz i thought itd calm my mind more and it made it worse! help please


remy Answered:
Tell me something about me ? I don't know of your religious but pray on it
John Answered:
its probably because you hear stuff in the background and your mind picks up on it without you knowing then when you you think about things its pops up that happens to me a lot idk if its the same thing
Lyndon Answered:
You may not believe it, but I experience the same kind of things! Sometime I can guess what people are thinking, and their emotions. I don't get exact thoughts, just peices of info. I don't know what causes it though
Cassidy Answered:

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