using crystals along gods guidlines?

Jacob Salas Asked: using crystals along gods guidlines?

is using crystals for meditation against gods word? what about psychic intuition in the sense that anyone can do it, a gift by god, not the dead speaking to you or anything. i sometimes use crystals to focus my energy into, but i dont do it for magic, i dont believe in the occult or anything. i like to think im somewhat psychic, but only by gods gift. im not like hardcore christian, but gods never steered me wrong and i dont want to disrespect him. so im asking if im in the clear?


for god to have guidelines god would need to exist
SF000Lover Answered:
Yes, using crystals is against God's way of life.It falls under the heading of sorcery and witchcraft.It's the same thing with a ouija board, which also connects you to and opens the door to satan and the demons.
PastorsRUs Answered:
Honestly, that depends on your own interpretation of God's will. Many people, even Christians, are split about this subject. Some will tell you no, some will tell you yes. I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with these practices, and they can be very useful tools to finding God. Just be careful with them; it can be very dangerous if they are not used properly. Honestly, the fact that you are searching makes me think you should do just that: search. Go out and look. There's nothing wrong with giving things like this a try, since your intention is good.

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