Training for Fire Red Elite Four?

Asked: Training for Fire Red Elite Four?

I am trying to train my
Lv 47 Lapras (Surf, Rain Dance, Blizzard, Ice Beam)
Lv 46 Hitmonlee (Brick Break, Hi Jump Kick, Mind Reader, Strength)
Lv 47Nidoqueen (Surf, Body Slam, Superpower, Earthquake)
I also have:
Lv 55 Mr Mime (Psybeam, Psychic, Reflect, Light Screen)
Lv 55 Electabuzz (Thunderpunch, Screech, Thunderbolt, Swift)
Lv 50 Charizard (Flamethrower, Fly, Heat Wave, Blast Burn)

Where is a good place to train the first three BESIDES VICTORY ROAD!!!!!!!


Really good team
That boardwalk below the town with the ghost tower… If I remember right there's a fisherman with a closter, gyrados, and something else… Great Exp. but that might be afte the elite four
Spam the vs seeker at the place with the toughest trainers you fought. If you haven't got it, go to vermillion city, enter the center, talk to the purple haired girl

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